Heritage Voices Podcast

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LHA's Jessica Yaquinto and Hopi archaeologist, ethnographer, and educator, Lyle Balenquah, host the Heritage Voices podcast on the Archaeology Podcast Network (APN) the third Tuesday of every month. The goal of the Heritage Voices podcast is to provide a platform for indigenous voices in Anthropology, CRM/Heritage, and Land Management discussions. The podcast features interviews with tribal members, descendant community members, and other Heritage/Cultural Resource Management professionals on tribal consultation, collaborative ethnography, and indigenous archaeology, etc.   

Thank you to Lyle Balenquah and Jason Nez for collaborating on our logo. Also, thank you to all the tribal members who provided guidance, suggestions, and support in developing this podcast. We couldn't have done it without you.

Current Episodes:

Episode 32- Anthropology of the US-Mexico Border- Dr. Jason De León

Episode 31- Reclaiming Indigenous Histories and the Indigenous Paleolithic- Dr. Paulette Steeves

Episode 30- Cultural Landscapes Panel- Dr. Kisha Supernant, Wade Campbell, Michelle La Pena, Dr. Sean Gantt, Kassie Rippee, and Briece Edwards

Episode 29- A Journey to Ancient Pawneeland- Roger Echo-Hawk

Episode 28- The Archaeological Spectrum- Rebecca Heidenreich

Episode 27-Central Plains Archaeology: Plain and Simple- Carlton Shield Chief Gover

Episode 26- Archaeology Outreach in Local Maya Communities in the Yucatan- Dr. Adolfo Iván Batún-Alpuche and Dr. Khristin Landry-Montes

Episode 25- Technology- Aaron Brien, Emily Van Alst, and Briece Edwards

Episode 24- Museums, Representation, and Intersectionality- Brandon Castle

Episode 23- Salish Kootenai College’s Tribal Historic Preservation Program- Aaron Brien

Episode 22- Greater Chaco Landscape- Edward Paul Torres, Mark Mitchell, and Keegan King

Episode 21- Food Sovereignty and Natives Outdoors- Ashleigh Thompson

Episode 20- Seneca-Iroquois National Museum- David George-Shongo

Episode 19.1- Updates-Jessica Yaquinto and Lyle Balenquah

Episode 19- Publishing- Dr. Lisa Hardy, Sarah Herr, Dr. Kathleen Van Vlack, and Dr. David Martinez

Episode 18- Tribal Collaboration on the Lower Colorado River- Nora McDowell and Jill McCormick

Episode 17- SAA 2018 Wrap Up- Desiree Martinez, Dorothy Lippert, Wade Campbell, Kassie, Rippie, and Briece Edwards

Episode 16- Ethnography with African Descendent Communities- Dr. Antoinette Jackson

Episode 15- Bears Ears National Monument Live Panel- Lyle Balenquah, Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk, Angelo Baca, and Ed Kabotie

Episode 14- Nation-Building After Federal Recognition- Sandra Hernandez and Colin Rambo

Episode 13- Ethnography, Videography, and Public Anthropology- Dr. Sean Gantt

Episode 12- Mashantucket Pequot- Marissa Turnbull and Michael Johnson

Episode 11- Hawaiian Heritage- Regina Hilo

Episode 10- Hopivewat- Hopi Museum and Learning Center Development- Susan Sekaquaptewa and Marissa Nuvayestewa

Episode 9- Working with Museums Panel- Co-hosted with Christopher Sims from Go Dig A Hole. Panel- Lyle Balenquah, Denni Hockema, Kassandra Rippee, Desiree Martinez, and Emily Van Alst

Episode 8- Decolonizing Anthropology- Anna Cordova

Episode 7- California State and Local Tribal Consultation Law-Michelle LaPena

Episode 6- International Indigenous Archaeology, NAGPRA, and the Northern Plains-Emily Van Alst

Episode 5- SHPOs, Tribal Consultation, and Collaboration- Dr. Holly Norton

Episode 4.1- Protecting Marshall Island's Heritage in the Face of Climate Change- Tina Stege and Jenny Newell

Episode 4- Climate Change and the Nuclear Legacy in the Marshall Islands-Tina Stege

Episode 3- Diné (Navajo) Public, Fire, and Indigenous Archaeology-Jason Nez

Episode 2- A Hopi Perspective on Diversity in Anthropology and Grand Canyon- Lyle Balenquah

Episode 1- Grand Canyon Tribal Program- Janet Cohen

Episode 0- Introducing Heritage Voices


Preview Episodes:

Go Dig A Hole Podcast- Episode 14- Native American Tribal Consultation

Profiles in CRM- Episode 57-Jessica Yaquinto

CRM Archaeology- Episode 100- Thanks for 100 Episodes (Final Segment)