Christian Driver, Cultural Resources Program Coordinator, Office of Open Space & Mountain Parks, City of Boulder, Colorado

“Jessica’s knowledge and experience was a wonderful asset for our organization! This was the first consultation that I have participated in and her guidance was invaluable. I couldn’t have done it without her!”

Richard Ott, Administrative Director, Dominguez Anthropological Research Group

"Since joining our consortium for archaeological and anthropological research in 2014, Jessica has taken the lead in the design and implementation of our expanding ethnographic and ethnohistorical research program. Her solid foundation in anthropological theory and method and her broad practical experience have proven to be an ideal fit with our collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to cultural resource research, education and preservation. 

Jessica is a consummate professional and a dedicated, passionate cohort. Her knowledge and organizational skills are helping us expand into important new areas of research and partnership. We believe she would similarly benefit any other project team."  


Janet Cohen, Tribal Program Manager, Grand Canyon National Park

"A few years ago I had the opportunity to work with Jessica Medwied-Savage. I can’t speak highly enough of Jessica. 

For someone her age, Jessica has an unusual amount of practical project experience. Working with her was like working with a colleague with years of experience.

Personally, I found her range of experience to be incredibly helpful as she assisted me on a variety of park projects and activities, and led some on her own. She has training and experience with cultural resource management, tribal consultation, ethnographic research, and computer skills.

In addition to her specific professional skills, Jessica works well in team situations as well as independently, she is adaptable, gets along with everyone, develops rapport easily, is dependable, and does a great job on her work. She would be an asset to any project or team."


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